Corporate Profile for Bauhaus Rendezvous


Bauhaus Rendezvous has never deviated from its design principles since its inception in 2009. An ID based company

which focus on high-end residential interiors and shopping malls retail outlets design base on its implicit art of evolved

modernism. We sources unique and novel products, brands and labels under one roof.


This determination brings forth an impressive selection of breathtakingly, beautiful and elegantly designed furniture

housed under our brands – Hews and Luxs. Our choice portfolios are artifacts with quality materials and exquisite

designs sourced from Europe and Asia. An exclusive, hugely popular and much sought after collection features

furnitures, lightings and art décor accessories for all camaraderies of discerning taste.


In a word, Bauhaus Rendezvous is all about perception - your choice of a modern minimalistic ambience with a

difference. What which started off as an inclusive work arts blended and grew into a style true to the original Bauhaus



A style underlining the absence of ornamentation in harmony with both function and design of an object and its

ambience. Bauhaus Rendezvous has strived since its inception to bring practical purpose of art into the fundamental

theme of use and beauty into the homes of your clients, your glamourous projects or your sheer immense enjoyment.


As we share this perception of art – we, too share the mutual challenge of creating this perception in your endeavours as

your adventure begins. . .